Digital Marketing Resume: The Ultimate Writing Guide

Digital Marketing Resume: The Ultimate Writing Guide

Digital marketing is one of the most promising creative specialties, with more and more opportunities available every day. But while the rewards for expert digital marketers can be great, competition is tough. Businesses are learning more and more advanced tactics to market their products and services online, and that means it takes skill and a strong ability to position yourself in order to land a digital marketing job. At 24 Seven, we're proud to have helped countless professionals land excellent job opportunities in digital marketing – and the first step is writing an excellent resume. 

Tips for Writing a Digital Marketing Resume

Your resume is your first chance to catch the eye of a potential employer and secure an interview spot where you can truly elaborate on your skills. But that means your resume will be competing against countless other applicants, so it better be good. At 24 Seven, we're proud to be one of the most trusted creative recruiters in the digital marketing industry – so if you're looking to make your resume rise to the top of the pile, here are the most important steps you can take:

  • Beef Up Your Header: If there's one mistake we see more than any other, it's a header that simply says "Digital Marketing Strategist." Instead of this standard title, add something specific, ideally a certification. "Adwords & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketer" will go much farther than the standard fare. 

  • Cross-Reference Keywords: In today's hiring world, the first one to read your resume likely won't be the hiring manager, but rather a sorting algorithm. Accordingly, make sure your resume contains the keywords that correspond to the job description or listing. This helps make sure your resume isn't tossed out of the pile before anyone even gets a chance to read it. 

  • Get Certified: Even if you don't have a degree in digital marketing, one of the best ways to give your resume (and career) a power boost is to get some relevant certifications. Getting certified in Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, or any other platform is one of the most powerful differentiators you can have. 

  • Customize Every Resume: Finally, don't just write one single resume and send it off blindly to every opportunity that comes your way. Take the time to read the job description and carefully customize your resume to match exactly what that description is looking for, including skills, experience, and results that are most relevant to the position. 

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These tips will help give your resume the edge it needs to get your foot in the door and get you an interview – but your resume is only one small part of the digital marketing job hunting process. At 24 Seven, we have the deep experience and specific expertise needed to help you truly get ahead of the pack, and we'll provide specialized coaching to help you land your dream job. Ready to take your career to the next level? Join our recruitment agency today