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Our recruiters reveal their favorite interview questions & interview tips

Interview questions

We know preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking. Luckily there are a number of questions you will most likely be asked in some form during your next interview which makes pre-interview prep a little bit easier. From information on your experience to your career goals and even to what you do for fun, interviewers often touch on a number of specific themes.

We asked our expert creative recruiter

Our expert freelance recruiter, Shivani Sharma, told us her favorite interview questions and why she loves asking them to help you get an understanding of the goal behind certain questions and prep for your next interview:

What channels, verticals, or deliverables do you oversee/touch on?

Shivani Sharma, our Senior Account Manager in Portland, loves asking this question because it helps her understand what the candidate is currently working on and what their strengths are. It can also help her as a Creative Recruiter see how to best position the candidate’s profile and narrow-in on finding them the perfect new opportunities.

What are you looking for in your next opportunity?

Shivani Sharma asks this question because it allows her to understand what the candidate is applying for so he can help expose them to opportunities that align with their goals. It can also help her position the candidate’s profile to better present them to our clients. It’s also nice to help get to know the candidate more and build that relationship as he helps them find a new job!

Paint the picture for me of your ideal job, realistic or not.

Whenever our Shivani Sharma asks this question to a candidate, it tells her what the most important factors are in the candidate’s job search.  For example, it will let her know if they prioritize culture, a mentor, benefits, compensation, commute, etc.  It also gives her insight into what it will take for a passive job seeker to actually make a move.

Who are you outside of your job? What are your hobbies?

Shivani Sharma, our Portland Creative Recruiter, asks this question to help asses culture fit, and see who the candidate is beyond their role. Shivani notes that sharing your interests, passions and perhaps side hustle in an interview is a great way to stand out from the competition.

What interested you into applying for the job? Or what most excited you about this opportunity?

Shivani asks this question because it is a good way to see why the candidate was drawn to the job in the first place (title vs. responsibilities etc). Answers could include the company culture, opportunity for growth, ability to mentor those under them, etc. This can also help Shivani determine the opportunity the candidate is best suited for, especially if they highlighted those “soft skills.”

How would you answer these questions? Be prepared for your next interview with our full interview resource and browse our roles here.