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Top Job Predictions For 2021: Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs

2021 Job Predictions

Now is the perfect time to start looking at the new year and new opportunities that may present themselves. Our expert digital marketing recruiters do not anticipate a slow down in digital marketing job opportunities going into 2020, in fact they predict even more demand for marketing talent.


It’s the beginning of a new year and many more new job opportunities may now be available, so it’s a great time to begin thinking about how to further your career. As a recruitment agency, 24 Seven helps connect potential talent with employers, specializing in digital marketing, creative, development/tech, e-commerce, and retail. We know that building your career can be challenging, but our expert recruiters do not anticipate a slowdown in digital marketing jobs going into 2021. In fact, we anticipate even more demand for marketing talent than ever—that’s why we want to tell you about the top job predictions for 2021 and what you need to know as a digital marketer!

Digital marketing talent works closely with E-commerce, branding, content creation, creative, and social teams to create in-depth campaigns across the digital landscape (i.e., website, mobile, apps, etc.). According to our Job Market Report, digital marketing candidates are the most in-demand across the board. Companies that want to get ahead are focusing their efforts on digital marketing and want to see the ROI from paid social, influencer marketing, and experiential investments in order to evaluate whether or not they should continue with those strategies into the new year. With an increased demand for digital marketing jobs, the following areas are top digital marketing opportunities in 2021.

Data Analytics

Data Analysts are responsible for defining the marketing automation strategy, performing ROI analysis on marketing ventures, and monitoring Google Analytics and pay-per-click page performance. Data Analysts can also be held responsible for designing a dashboard encompassing paid media data from platforms. This can include manipulating and finalizing data structure and analyzing and quantifying trends. As companies determine their digital marketing strategy for 2021, Data Analysts are key to assessing what’s working and what needs to be changed.

UX Design

UX Designer is short for User Experience Designer. UX Designers are responsible for “enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.” UX Designers often work with other departments such as the product team and other stakeholders to develop designs and contribute to product strategy. With the evolution of the consumer has come a need for brands to be able to provide the best possible experience to their target audience, which is why UX design talent is so key to a successful digital marketing team. Along with the evolution of the consumer, brands have developed a need to be able to provide the best possible experience to their target audience, which is why UX design talent has become such a key role in a successful digital marketing team.

Social Media/Content Creation

Social Media Managers and Content Creators are responsible for managing all social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities, which includes creating and managing promotions and social ad campaigns as well as responding to comments and engaging with customers. Depending on if you are in-house or at an agency, you may be managing various clients and campaigns, so it is important to know the tone of voice and brand identity for each platform. They are also responsible for monitoring the competitive social landscape, market changes, and developments. The digital marketing landscape has changed and brands are now having 2-way conversations with consumers. Top social media and content talent will continue to be critical to creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

How to Build Your Skills as a Digital Marketer

Some top skills to build upon going into 2021 for Digital Marketers include:

  • Analytics (Google Analytics)

  • Content/brand storytelling

  • Customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction campaigns

  • Data and analytics

  • Demand Generation

  • DoubleClick

  • Executional skills (like A/B testing, HTML/CSS, and more)

  • Mobile marketing

  • Paid Search (Google Ads, Facebook Ad Manager)


  • Social listening (Hootsuite or Sprinklr)

24 Seven can help job seekers feel prepared going into the new year with these in-depth webinars featuring our expert digital marketing recruiters as we dive into Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, UX, and Social Media.

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