Looking for digital marketing jobs? Here’s what you can do more of

If you are a digital marketer looking to boost your credentials, from networking to creating your own brand, here are some tips you can use to supercharge your job search and skillset.

Personal Branding

Spending time developing your personal brand is a great way to set yourself apart from the pack both professionally and as a digital marketing candidate. Make sure both your personal and professional social profiles present you in the right light, in line with the brand you’re trying to get across. Ensure all photos are appropriate and articulate who you are both personally and professionally. Once you land an interview, there are many opportunities to inject your brand into the process through confidence, a professional appearance, and in your interview answers. Prepare your personal selling points in an elevator pitch. Be sure you are able to sell yourself and your skillsets in any given moment.

Start a Blog or Website

In the world of digital marketing, employers love to see past work and personality. Creating a portfolio of past work on a website or blog is a great way to showcase your talent. The website can even be listed on a resume and gives the hiring manager more of an opportunity to see what you can do. A resume is fairly limited in length, but showing visual examples of your past work will make you stand out to talent recruiters and against the competition.

Networking & Optimizing LinkedIn

Networking is the number one way to land a job. Successfully utilizing Linkedin to connect with digital marketing recruiters and professionals who have careers and work at companies you admire is a great way to expand opportunities. These connections can even lead to informational interviews. Networking also provides advantages against the competition, such as referrals.  Staying up to date with your network and talent recruitment is crucial. Someone in your network might reach out to you before anyone else knows about the new role. It’s not just enough to add connections on LinkedIn or in meetup groups, however. Start a conversation with a previous colleague or alumni from your school. You’ll have to take initiative to develop a relationship that will help you grow your career, especially online.

Follow Industry Trends

Nearly every industry has a resource for trends & news. Finding yours and keeping up-to-date on what is going on can make all the difference in an interview. Some outlets offer subscriptions to receive newsletter and email updates every day. Some examples include Ad Age and Ad Week for advertisers and digital marketers. If you’re into fashion, check out Business of Fashion and Women’s Wear Daily. Staying up to date with your industry and doing research is a great way to shine in your interviews by showing your passion and willingness to learn.

Grow Your Skillset & Certifications

Use your downtime to grow your skillset and receive certificates to help you stand out. Certificates are a great way to stay informed on the latest trends and develop a unique skill that will make you a more competitive candidate. Some great certificates to help you land digital marketing jobs are Google Analytics, Google Digital Marketing garage, Facebook Blueprint, and LinkedIn Learning. All of these sources provide a wide range of certificates for your interests in digital marketing.

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