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Digital Marketing Talent Ready to Make Moves in 2020

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Preliminary analysis of survey results in our research of 2020 job market trends finds that nearly six in ten digital marketers are looking to make a job move in the next 12 months. Over half of digital marketers surveyed admitted to have been actively interviewing in the last year.For hiring managers in the digital marketing space this may seem like alarming news. Losing good people is never a good thing. But the silver lining is that there are lots of people looking to move who could counter employee attrition, and now is the time for your company to polish up the ol’ employer brand and employment proposition to get their attention and win these roving candidates over.

Hiring Digital Marketing Talent? It’s Either Grow or Go

Early indications point to three factors driving digital marketing talent wanderlust: opportunity for better advancement and growth, higher compensation, and better quality of life. Regardless of age group, quality of life and help balancing professional and personal demands is increasingly important year over year in our research. This is especially true of younger workers who are fleeing traditionally demanding agency career stints for client-side opportunities sooner in their professional journey than their senior colleagues did.

Demand for Flexibility Is Stubborn for Digital Marketers

Agencies looking to attract and retain talent should review their policies toward flexible scheduling, remote work arrangements, and other perks that help employees better blend home/work life. Companies building out in-house agencies might want to stress formalized, ascending career paths and the predictability of client-side work life.

Freelancers Willing to Fill Short-term & Full-time Gaps

Hiring managers should also look to freelance talent as a rich source of talent to fill team gaps as employees jump ship in the new year.  Our research is finding that freelance talent in the digital marketing space is amenable to converting to a full-time engagement. For these candidates, connecting with the culture at the company they work with is important. So if a try-before-you-buy temp-to-perm strategy is your company’s approach to talent management, matching freelance experts to your culture is critical for success.For more insights that can help shape your company’s talent management strategy in the coming year, watch this space for the official release of 24 Seven’s 2020 Job Market Report.