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Land The Digital Marketing Job of Your Dreams

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Are you looking to start a new career or enhance your skillset this year? Our Job Toolkit and 24 Seven Academy provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. In addition to these resources, learning how to use popular platforms and top marketing tools will help you boost your skills and take your marketing career to the next level.

Email Marketing

If you want to succeed in email marketing, it’s critical that you to stay up to date on the latest tools and trends so you can create successful campaigns. Signing up for popular email marketing platforms and learning the basics is a great way to get started in email marketing. From Mailchimp to Hubspot, these sites provide their own academies and resources for you to up your game. Learn how to optimize content, develop email campaigns, and add more skills to your resume. We also recommend a coding course to learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

Social Media

Social media is constantly evolving which means you need to evolve with it if you want to be successful in this area of digital marketing.  While Facebook is a great platform for keeping up with school friends and family or buying used furniture, Facebook also provides marketing courses to teach you how to properly use Facebook for business. These courses cover Facebook ads, optimized posts, how to increase post conversions, and grow likes and post engagement. Use your own social media channels to practice the latest trends (as long as the content on your channels is appropriate, they can function as a portfolio to show future employers).


SEO is more than just a quick skill you can add to your resume, like most aspects of digital marketing, it is always in flux. Properly implementing an SEO strategy can increase your site ranking and authority, yield more conversions and overall site traffic. Learning the basics of SEO set you apart in your digital marketing career. Whether your focus is back-end optimization, content management or paid search strategy, technical SEO skills are highly desirable. We recommend creating a Google Analytics account and taking the free courses offered to get your feet wet and staying up to date on the latest digital marketing and SEO/SEM trends.

24 Seven’s Job Toolkit, Your Ticket to Success

24 Seven’s Job Toolkit provides you with everything you need to know about today’s most in-demand jobs. Each section dives into the full job description, skills needed, how to get experience for the role, what hiring managers look for, plus key components for success. It provides you with everything you need to either start a new career or build upon the skills you need to succeed in your current role. Our expert marketing recruiters also share their insights to help you grow your digital marketing career.Sign up for 24 Seven’s Job Toolkit here to get free access, and for additional resources, you can also access our full 24 Seven Academy to gain tips and advice on negotiating salary, acing an interview, creating the perfect digital marketing resume, and more.