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Building Out Your Team for the Great Digital Pivot

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The Coronavirus pandemic accelerated disruptive trends to business as we had known it, forcing brands to rethink how they reach their customers. For those already using digital marketing tactics and channels pre-pandemic, that meant redirecting any marketing resources earmarked for face-to-face interactions like conferences, events, and other live sales opportunities. But for other companies who have always relied on word of mouth or face-to-face meetups to connect and convert prospects to buyers, many faced a new marketing reality.

No matter where they found themselves on the digital spectrum, all companies today share a common challenge – securing digital marketing talent to survive and thrive. Here’s how working with a specialized marketing recruiter or creative recruiter can help:

Reaching Customers Online

Consumers have become accustomed to doing more things from home – working, connecting, shopping, dining, entertaining themselves, going to school, just to name a few. Consumers in this new mindset need to be engaged with in an evolved way. Out of the pandemic has come creativity, as marketers innovate how to tell the brand story in various content formats and across platforms. Winning brands choose to work with a marketing recruiter to connect them with talent who know how to reach information-hungry, socially-distancing consumers where they are: continuously online, working from and enjoying their small safe bubble.

Filling Digital Talent Gaps

As recruiters, we are seeing companies expand their bench with either full-time expertise or niche freelancers, and in some cases, both – all highly-skilled specialists who can hit the ground running and add digital value right away. A marketing or creative recruiter can help pinpoint the exact skillsets to hire that will strengthen your team. For companies with a limited digital strategy before or those looking to expand further, here are key talent areas to consider:

  • Consider adding an SEM Expert to help get a never-more-important PPC and AdWords online conversion campaign off the ground – turn those browsing eyes into buying customers

  • Add an SEO Specialist to your team to help improve your search engine rankings and drive brand awareness

  • As new professional video shoots are postponed indefinitely, hire a team that can help repurpose content or make the most of DIY video footage. Consider a Retoucher, Graphic Designer, and a magical Video Editor.

  • Email marketing is more important than ever as an outreach tool – but you only a few seconds to gain credibility as a sender worthy of the recipient’s time to open and engage. A seasoned Email Marketing Manager with analytics experience can improve your engagement odds with data-driven campaigns that meaningfully connect with customers.

  • To ensure you are reaching the right customers with a message that resonates, a CRM Manager can comb through your database to make better targeting decisions

  • Social surfing is through the roof amid the crisis, so amp up your social media efforts with an expert who will squeeze out the return on your Instagram and Facebook content and ad spend. What about TikTok? How can your brand leverage social channel features like stories and Live to engage consumers? Social media sherpas can help you figure out the What, Why, and How of all available options.

  • Does your brand message need a refresh in these troubled times, or are you willing to risk tone-deafness? Brand Strategists, Copywriters, and Content Producers can rework existing content or create something from scratch to hit the mark. Authenticity has never been more paramount.

  • Is your site easy to navigate and do visitors feel they’ve landed in the right place? Now is the time to invest in a UX Designer to ensure you're engaging customers with every scroll and click.

Brands who master the pivot to better digital marketing are setting themselves up for success now and for what’s to come. In this time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure – things will not return exactly to the way they once were. The way brands market is not immune. Each 24 Seven Marketing and Creative recruiter can share best practices they see as clients expand their digital capability.

Building Your Digital Team

Hiring experts in digital marketing is one of the smartest moves a company can make to survive and thrive in our new paradigm of social distancing, but finding the right talent can be much harder than it sounds. At 24 Seven, our marketing recruiters and creative recruiters have been helping brands get the talent they need through our extensive, global network of digital marketing superheroes – and we'd love to do the same for you. For more insights, check out our Guide to Recruiting Marketers, or reach out to us to find out how partnering with a creative recruitment agency can help you master the pivot.