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How to Optimize the Sudden Talent Opportunity Facing Employers

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Despite the pandemic, some companies are still hiring, and others are adding freelancers and part-time employees as a cautious stop gap until there’s more certainty on the horizon. While half of the hiring managers we surveyed last month said their companies had put the brakes on all talent acquisition, we are starting to see searches open that were recently paused. Mission-critical initiatives must move forward, and pandemic-inspired strategies are being newly activated.

The Emergence of a Talent Opportunity

When it comes to access to talent, so much has changed due to the public health emergency. We have witnessed unprecedented full-employment with cut-throat competition for candidates morph overnight into mind-boggling unemployment. What has emerged is a huge opportunity for savvy employers – hard to attract top talent is now in play for the first time in years.While many a hiring newbie might consider handling this auspicious situation alone, a seasoned manager would likely advise them to bring on a specialized and connected staffing partner. Here are just a few reasons why: 

Filter, filter, filter to find The One

The temptation to launch a DIY search via LinkedIn is high for many companies. Recently laid off candidates or ones looking to switch from a risky job sector to a steadier one are trolling career sites and job boards. We can report that several searches we are currently working on started this way. Searching for the candidate on your own may seem like a logical idea, but it can become overwhelming in practice when job listings are flooded with resumes, the majority of which are from unqualified candidates. A number of overwhelmed clients have abandoned this approach and have opted for professional search assistance. A specialized talent management partner has an established network of vetted experts, precisely matched to job function and skill set. They also have access to passive and hidden candidates that may not see a company’s job listing. A specialized recruiter has operations optimized to discover, connect, recruit, and secure talent that an employer could not efficiently or quickly replicate.

Balance Full-time to Freelance Talent

In uncertain times, there’s a tension between seeing key projects to fruition and adding headcount. Specialized recruiting companies are experts at helping clients calibrate their talent management strategy, striking a balance between short-term and long game hiring decisions. What skill gaps can be filled immediately with functionally-focused freelancers while the future is still unclear? Which roles may convert to full-time, and are there temporary candidates that can be given a test run on a project, with little risk? What full-time positions are an absolute necessity right now? A well-chosen partner with access to the gamut of candidate types is essential during the crisis, the re-opening, the recovery, and beyond.

Employment brand ambassador

Even when the odds have flipped in favor of the employer, the most in-demand, highly-skilled candidates will still need to be incented to make a job move – whether freelance or full-time. Having an advocate for your employment brand is crucial to winning wary “I’m safe where I am” candidates over, a recruiting partner who can effectively sell your story and culture to candidates. A full-service strategic talent management professional can help package the employment proposition that most convincingly positions your company as an irresistible yet secure bet in uncertain times.In volatile times, one thing doesn’t change – the need to deliver a positive candidate experience. An experienced staffing solution provider will help a company stay on track and keep candidates happily engaged from the initial contact through onboarding. They are an indispensable partner in setting a positive employment expectation with newly-available high-demand candidates that companies have been anxious to attract before the world turned upside down. If you're looking to engage a recruiter on an open search click here