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The Digital Breakdown: 5 Digital Marketing Jobs, Explained

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re considering a complete professional change, or you’re in the field of digital marketing and looking for a way to transition your skillset to a new position, understanding the full spectrum of digital marketing jobs can help you determine your next move. Digital marketing is an important part of consumers’ lives and is rapidly evolving - which means the availability of digital marketing jobs is continually on the rise. However, grasping the nuances between different positions can be tricky, which is why we’re here to help break it down. Whether you’re curious about how to get freelance marketing work or a full-time role in digital marketing. learn more about five different positions in the field and figure out which area most interests you. Then, browse our freelance & full-time digital marketing jobs to find your perfect fit. 

Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing provides a way of communicating directly with a consumer through their inbox, with a goal of driving sales and increasing customer loyalty. Email marketing is oftentimes the most low cost and profitable form of digital marketing, making it a key part of the company’s strategy - and a digital marketing functional area for which many companies are looking to hire. Email marketing roles primarily involve creating email marketing campaigns to promote a company’s product or service. Beyond just setting up and launching email campaigns, most email marketing positions require the individual to develop a communication strategy, and segment audiences by their customer lifecycle stage. Additionally, creating a lead generation database, removing non-deliverable and opt-out addresses, proofreading emails, and making sure emails are creatively in line with the brand’s guidelines are part of the position as well. Email marketers customarily work within the larger digital marketing team at a company, and are usually integrated with other forms of digital marketing that target specific customers, to coax them through the purchase cycle. Email marketing is a great position for someone who has had previous broad marketing experience and is familiar with popular email platforms. 

Digital Designer

Digital design refers to a specialty within the field of graphic design and can cover quite a wide range of roles and responsibilities, depending on the company’s needs. Digital design combines creativity and technical skills to develop anything from video game graphics to entire websites - and is needed across many different industries. The primary role of a digital designer is to work within the digital marketing and creative services teams to create visual assets that can be used to communicate with the end customer in some way. Whether that’s designing creative imagery for a customer-facing email, sketching and creating 3-D graphics for a video game, or working with the team to build out the front-end of a website - the end goal of this role is to create engaging content to foster customer loyalty. As with most of the digital marketing jobs discussed here, there are a variety of experience levels that companies are looking for when they’re hiring a digital designer - from a junior digital designer to a lead role. For someone looking to combine creative services with digital marketing, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.  

Content Manager

A digital content manager is primarily responsible for promoting a company’s product or services to the consumer through value-added content in a variety of formats, while working hard to maintain and communicate the company’s values and brand identity. Similar to other digital marketing jobs discussed, the content manager also works with the larger digital marketing team to coordinate strategy on how and what to convey to the public. Speaking to the customer externally involves quite a bit of consideration around brand awareness and loyalty, as well as really understanding the consumer’s wants, needs and values. Digital content managers put together holistic and targeted brand campaigns and are responsible for establishing a clear brand voice through the content produced and released into the marketplace. They may manage anything from the company’s blog, to social media campaigns, to strategic thought leadership initiatives produced via digital platforms, print, audio, and video. Success of campaigns is often measured by looking at data and metrics, and keeping up witindustry trends.

Digital Marketing Data Analyst

The digital marketing data analyst is the person who provides insights into marketing investment performance and customer behavior. An individual in this role supports the larger digital marketing team by analyzing their marketing efforts and how the consumer interacts with them. As a digital marketing data analyst, you’ll be responsible for using analytic tools and systems to draw out relevant data to understand how campaigns are performing by looking at KPIs, or key performance indicators around awareness, engagement, consideration, and purchase. Beyond just understanding the data, the data analyst is also responsible for communicating how to improve a brand’s online presence and optimize marketing efforts, and collaborate with the marketing team on evolving the digital marketing strategy for future campaigns. The digital marketing data analyst role is perfect for someone who has a background in data, statistics, or economics - but who also understands marketing and consumer behavior. 

Ecommerce Marketing Manager

An eCommerce marketing manager is a position most often found at retail-driven companies with an online presence and way of making sales. Ecommerce marketing managers lead strategy behind making these online transactions happen. They generally lead a team of marketers, and help define marketing objectives in relation to the eCommerce part of the business to ensure that products are available and the site is functioning in a user-friendly way. Beyond strategy, this role is responsible for working with web developers to make changes and updates to the sales platform. They manage the products on the site depending on availability, and ensure sales and promotions are working the way they should. Most eCommerce marketing manager positions require some background in marketing at a retail company, and people who are familiar with marketing strategy - including SEO, online campaign management, and have had experience leading a team.  

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Understanding the different jobs within the larger digital marketing team can be helpful, whether you’re looking for a new position, or just wanting to more comprehensively understand the field of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a wide functional field with a variety of jobs requiring different skills and experience levels. If you’re looking for freelance or full-time work in digital marketing, creative services, or a variety of other industries, check out our openings here. And for more resources to support your job search click here!