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Interviewing Candidates Remotely

Anyone with experience in talent recruitment knows the reality of burnout. Remote hiring can be especially draining. The long days and the hoards of new people to remember can make it hard to stay diligent throughout the interview process, especially when working remotely. Whether you are working with a recruitment agency or simply doing your own talent search, you need to be sharp enough to make the final decision and hire the best employees for your company. Our team at 24 Seven has put together a list of tips to help prevent burnout and to optimize your efficiency when looking for your company’s next full-time or freelance hire. 

Let Your Candidate Talk For You

The easiest way to prevent burnout when interviewing and hiring remotely is to reduce the amount of time you spend speaking during interviews. Your only job should be to ask a few questions and then to sit back and listen to you potential new employee. Speaking less will not only save your energy, but will allow more time for your candidates to reveal their motivations and work ethic so you can get to know them better. Speaking less also allows you to have a more inclusive interview process as you’re less likely to succumb to similarity bias. 

Streamline Your Interview Process

Whether you are personally interviewing candidates or working with a team, make sure that your interview script is repeatable and easy to stick to. There is no need to come up with new questions for every candidate, and when your entire interview committee is on the same page, it will be easier to discuss applicants after the fact. This trick will also help you review each candidate based on the same set of criteria. Our recruiters also recommend creating a rubric or scorecard to help you keep track of each candidate after their remote interview.

Be Thorough With Your Job Descriptions

One way to reduce burnout is simply to cut out unnecessary applicants from your search pool. The best way to do this is to write a specific and detailed job description listing exactly what you are looking for in a new hire. By being clear about your ideal applicant profile, you will encourage qualified candidates and spend less time interviewing people who are not right for your position.

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