Looking to Hire & Retain Creatives, Marketers & Digital Pros in This Hiring Market? Read This.

Hire And Retain Digital Marketing Talent

​Facing an increasingly experience-driven, digitized marketplace, many companies are looking to add Creative, Marketing, and Digital Marketing talent to their teams. The challenge hiring managers are finding in the current hot job market is that this is the most sought-after talent pool. While working with a specialized Marketing recruiter or Creative recruiter will help you source and secure these hot shots, it is also useful to arm oneself with the latest insights on how to retain this talent once hired. Our latest job market research looked into the retention factors that make for an attractive and sticky workplace.

Six in ten Creative, Advertising, Marketing & Digital Marketing Professionals are job searching

The majority of this hot talent group is looking to make a move to another company as we speak, with just over half satisfied with their current employment situation. If you’re afraid to take a talent hit, consider this your red alert to identify your top performers and improve their compensation and benefits package. Why? Because when we asked at-risk-of-fleeing survey participants to rank what offer their company should make to keep them, compensation was the runaway top suggestion, with health benefits taking the number two spot.

Flexibility around where work is done is talent retention glue

If there was one dominant theme in our study findings, flexibility around where employees work was it. Ask any Creative recruiter or Marketing recruiter, when it comes to this talent cohort, remote work flexibility is table stakes for any employer looking to win the talent game. As it stands, 9 in 10 Creative, Advertising, Marketing and Digital Marketing employees are currently working either fully remote or in a hybrid situation, and 9 in 10 prefer it that way. Eighty percent said that if their company insisted work be completed at a corporate office all of the time, they’d look for another company for which to work.

Uncertain times have inspired a desire for more control

Since the pandemic, 90% of respondents from Creative, Advertising, Marketing, and Digital Marketing sectors said they seek work that fits their lifestyle and not the other way around. And a plurality said they are more discerning about the social contract between themselves and their employer. Nearly all Creative, Advertising, Marketing and Digital candidates want to work for an employer who allows them the freedom to customize their employment experience – with 85% seeking more control over both where and when they work, and 97% seeking control over designing their career path. Nine in ten of these employees are more likely to choose an employer who considers them holistically when it comes to the employment proposition. Yet only half say their current employer considers complete set of employee lifestyle needs – professional, financial, personal pressures, physical health, and emotional wellness.

The power has shifted from employer to employee in the current job market, and talent in the Creative, Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Marketing space feel it. Almost three quarters acknowledge that they’re in the driver’s seat. Companies who are open to the emerging trends and evolving employee attitudes will see greater success attracting and retaining these in-demand professionals.