How to Seek Balance While Taking on a Side Hustle

Side Hustle Balance

​With many companies still operating from a remote work model, employees have been given the gift of extra time in their days that would otherwise have been spent commuting, getting ready etc. Many employees have decided to put this time to use by taking on a side hustle to maximize their skill set and earn more money in the process. While a side hustle can be an opportunity to grow both professionally and financially, it can also put a strain on your free time and lead to expedited burnout. We’re sharing four ways to seek balance while taking on a side hustle.

Categorize Your Priorities

Working a full-time job and maintaining a side hustle can make it difficult to prioritize what tasks need to be done first. We highly recommend scheduling out time in the day for both roles, with firm hours for each, based on what needs the most time and attention. Rather than using multi-tasking to get it all done at once, create a calendar with a clear overview of deadlines and tasks that need to be completed for each job you’re doing so you know what needs to get done and when it needs to be completed. By categorizing your “to-do’s” you’ll be able to block time out when it’s needed most to ensure the important tasks stay on your radar and deadlines aren’t missed.

Restructure Your Work Day

With the shift to remote work, many people have been able to restructure their schedules, including which hours they work, how breaks are utilized, and where work gets done– providing ample time to take on a side gig. Whether that means starting your day earlier, blocking out the middle of your day, or better utilizing your evenings for additional work or free time, rethinking the traditional nine to five can be highly beneficial when taking on a side hustle.

Utilize Your Off Hours

Everyone needs a little bit of downtime, especially if you’re working a full-time job and taking on an additional freelance role. While utilizing your downtime can sound counterproductive, it can work wonders in allowing you to fully unplug when you do have dedicated time off. When your schedule clears up and you are presented with a window of lull – plan ahead! Scheduling a few weeks or months ahead can ensure that you’re on top of both work-related tasks and personal plans. By taking advantage of your downtime and planning things out, you can breathe easier knowing that fewer surprises will arise.

Create Your Own Terms and Conditions

Whether it be in your full-time job or your side hustle, setting firm boundaries with the individuals you work with will help you remain focused and balanced as you move throughout your job. Setting boundaries around things such as communication times, hours worked, and tasks you’re comfortable taking on will allow you to remain successful while juggling different roles. For example, if you prefer to work only until a certain time or if you wish not to be contacted on the weekends regarding work related needs, make that clear! By setting boundaries, you’re helping to establish a more professional and mutually beneficial working relationship overall.

In all, finding balance while taking on a side hustle can be extremely beneficial to your long-term growth and success. It can give you the ability to learn new skills, level up financially, and set you up with the tools you need to potentially start your own endeavor in the future. If you’re currently working a full-time job and a side gig, remember that you’re in the driver’s seat - take time to check in with yourself, prioritize your time, and set clear boundaries to keep you moving down a successful path. To explore more career tips and insights, click here!