Understanding the Role of a Growth Marketer

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Growth marketing is a new term in the marketing industry, and some are wondering what it really means and how it differs from traditional marketing. 24 Seven believes growth marketing should be at the core of every company’s marketing strategy and marketing jobs - if not, you may be left behind. Growth marketing is a step up from the traditional marketing model. It is data-driven and aims to bring potential users and clients all the way through the sales funnel until they become loyal brand champions. Marketing departments should hire marketers who are going to utilize data and user experience analysis to attract more customers with meaningful, creative, and diverse marketing campaigns. Telling an exciting story, harnessing the power of real data, and being product focused - this is the core of growth marketing. 

Growth Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing often involves strategies to build traffic with an aim of targeting the top of the sales funnel. These types of strategies normally include channels such as Google Ads Display campaigns. This strategy works, however when you look past the top of the sales funnel it becomes less effective. Traditional marketing targets awareness and user acquisition but doesn’t help to grow the relationship beyond those stages.

Growth marketing goes further. The strategy of growth marketing is to hit every level of the sales funnel from awareness through activation and retention, all the way to revenue and referrals. When growth marketing is executed correctly, your users, clients, or customers will be engaged with your product and company until they eventually become champions for your brand and refer friends and family members to the company. Growth marketing utilizes strategies like value additive blog posts, SEO optimization, creative and diverse ad copy, data-driven email and social media campaigns, A/B testing, and technical analysis of the user experience.  

Why do Companies Need Growth Marketers?

Companies are understanding and seeing the value of growth marketing, and because of this, they are making the pivot to hire growth marketers and growth managers. They are doing this for three main reasons:

  1. To Prioritize Revenue: A company cannot prioritize revenue with traditional marketing - it only hits the top of the sales funnel. Instead, companies understand the value of reaching every level of the sales funnel, including building revenue through marketing. A growth marketer can redirect your marketing strategy to be revenue focused. 

  2. To Effectively & Efficiently Acquire New Customers: If your company is not efficiently acquiring new customers, you need to hire a growth marketer. An effective growth marketing strategy will work across several channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and maybe even Podcast ads) to reach a wide and diverse customer base. With an engaging strategy that is based on the customer, new customers will come to you. 

  3. To Retain Current Customers: Customer retention is crucial in today’s demanding market. Basically, there’s no point in getting new customers if you can’t retain them. This is where growth marketing can help. Growth marketers keep current customers engaged through carefully planned ads, emails, and the language used. 

Although many different types of companies are hiring marketers and posting marketing jobs, start-ups are specifically looking for specialized growth marketers. Growth is key for a start-up, and without it, they won’t survive. In fact, a growth marketer should be the first marketing hire at every start-up. 

What Does the Growth Marketing Role Entail?

 The growth marketing job needs to be filled with a marketing “jack of all trades.” The day-to-day responsibilities of a growth marketer include the following (and more):

  • Creating and updating creative content;

  • A/B testing;

  • Planning, optimizing, and scaling paid ad campaigns;

  • Managing social acquisition channels;

  • Planning and optimizing creative email campaigns and their timing;

  • Updating and/or abandoning any traditional marketing campaigns;

  • Building effective and engaging referral programs;

  • Analyzing the overall sales funnel impact and making adjustments where necessary;

  • Utilizing user data to pivot marketing campaigns for more engagement.

If it seems like a growth marketer has their hand in every marketing pot, it’s true. The growth marketing role entails a lot! However, they shouldn’t be going it alone. Growth marketers work closely with graphic designers, copywriters, developers, and other marketers like operations to truly be effective. A growth marketing campaign will not be successful without a number of minds working towards the same strategy. 

Top 4 Soft Skills of Successful Growth Marketers

While a growth marketer should have a number of the hard skills listed above with concrete professional experience, they should also have these four soft skills to truly be successful:

Strategic Thinker: When it comes to growth marketing, there really isn’t a playbook. An effective growth marketer will need to be strategic, see a clear path forward, and understand which steps will achieve the company’s goal. Problems will need to be approached head-on and with an open mind. 

Analytical: Growth and new customer acquisition will not happen overnight. It is a process. A growth marketer will need to understand the impact of every small step, analyze the data, and make informed decisions going forward. In fact, a large part of the growth marketing role will be spent on routine day-to-day tasks like slightly tweaking an email campaign to understand the impact on customer retention. 

Persistent: Growth marketing is relatively new which means there are not hard and fast strategies that guarantee growth. Growth marketers need to be persistent because more likely than not, a lot of their ideas will fail. However, an effective growth marketer will understand the data behind their failures and work toward their next attempt having learned something new. 

Pragmatic: Decision making cannot linger in growth marketing. It is crucial to make pragmatic decisions after assessing the challenges and current situation. A marketing strategy will never work out as originally planned, but it’s important to be diligent and purposeful with all marketing decisions. 

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