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5 Tips to Help you Succeed as an Email Marketer

Become A Successful Email Marketer

In today’s increasingly digital world, being versatile and flexible is necessary for success. Most consumers can be easily reached online, which is why we’ve seen a digital marketing boom in recent years. The latest trends in digital marketing highlight the importance of email marketing, and the essential role email marketers play in overall brand success. Email marketing allows you to build relationships with new, current, and past customers and provides the opportunity to speak directly to consumers in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Coupled with the right messaging, email can quickly become one of the most impactful marketing channels for a business.

To be a successful email marketer, you must stay nimble and up to date on the latest trends. The digital landscape can change at a moment’s notice, so being able to respond quickly and adeptly is an important skill for every email marketer to embody.

Here are some tips to set you up for success as an email marketer:

Crafting Clear and Concise Subject Lines

Performance metrics show that a majority of emails are opened on mobile devices. This means you have fewer characters in your subject line to grab your customer's attention. When crafting a subject line, we recommend sticking to the point while adding some form of personalization or pizzaz, as this is main opportunity to engage the recipient.

Optimize the Email's Preview Text

The preview text is an excellent way to support your subject line, especially when character count must remain low. It gives you an extra opportunity to draw in customers by giving them a glimpse of the content within your email.

Keep the Main Message and Call-to-Action Above the Fold

If your main call-to-action falls below the primary body of text or image of focus, as many as 70% of recipients won’t see it. To avoid this and capture your reader's interest and engagement, we recommend adding an additional call-to-action within the email to best direct those who have opened the email.

Keep Your Audience Top of Mind

Staying up to date on your target audience demographic is crucial when creating and deploying emails. Ensuring that you are providing valuable content that is not only relevant but also pertains to your audience is key to strong email performance. As we continue to see more data protection policies enacted, it will be increasingly important to consider the wants and needs of your audience when it comes to digital marketing strategy. For example, the iOS 15 update deeply impacted email marketing across all industries, shifting the way email marketers must think when considering things like open rates and deliverability.

The Benefits of Alt Text

Data shows that a vast majority of email clients block images by default. When this occurs and images have been blocked, they oftentimes won’t load unless the consumer clicks a button to show them. To stay ahead of this potential email roadblock, adding an alt text to your images helps recipients understand your message, even if they can’t see the images immediately. Alt text is also highly beneficial for visually impaired email subscribers, as it allows the image content within the email to be downloaded and read via a screen reader.

In all, email marketing remains a steadfast way for businesses, both large and small, to reach their consumers. As an email marketer, working towards creating, establishing, and maintaining a healthy email marketing strategy can lead to a boost in sales, increased consumer engagement, and enhanced brand recognition. Ready to find your next email marketing role? Click here!