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executive search

​If your organization is searching for executive-level talent and wondering how to streamline the process and significantly expand your reach, consider working with a specialized executive search agency like 24 Seven. 


24 Seven has been matching clients with professionals in the marketing, creative, digital, fashion, beauty, and retail space for more than 20 years. As a leader in this space, many of our executive search clients turn to us after having trusted our agency to successfully help build their teams with full-time and freelance talent. 

Hiring executive-level talent?


Our experienced business development and account management teams understand the critical nature of bringing aboard senior-level talent and utilize a discreet and high-touch approach to our executive search services. This includes:

Developing a detailed and customized job brief: Our kickoff call will set in motion our first order of business – which is learning as much as we can about your company, goals, organizational culture, and strategic objectives. From there we develop a hyper-focused job brief that will help us identify the ideal candidate’s functional and interpersonal skills, taking into consideration the leadership style that would be most successful in this role at your company.

Delivering regular updates on progress: We pride ourselves on our attentive approach to finding the high-powered talent that can meet your business goals. With a global network of world-class executive talent, we have the contacts, knowledge, and skills to keep this process moving. And we will keep you abreast of every noteworthy development throughout the duration of your executive search.

Producing a carefully curated short list of candidates: Once we have compiled a list of potential candidates, we will prepare an in-depth talent report featuring an extensive profile of each individual for you to review. From there, our executive search recruiters can manage the entire process, from interview logistics through offer extension. 

Providing guidance through official offer and negotiation: After you’ve selected a candidate, we work closely with you to create an attractive compensation and benefits package to give you an edge over the competition. We will continue to work together through the negotiation and onboarding process.

Continuing the circle of communication: Our relationship does not end once the hiring process is complete. Our team will set up regular check-ins with hiring managers and key stakeholders through the senior-level employee’s first year at the 30-, 60-, 90-, 180- and 365-day marks.

If you’re ready to work with a specialized executive search agency to streamline the hiring process, contact our executive search experts today!