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Blending Freelancers Into the Talent Mix


The gig economy is growing as more companies continue to increase their reliance on independent workers. A recent study by Intuit found that 80% of employers plan to ratchet up their use of flexible, contingent labor. Having founded our company on specialized freelance talent for the Fashion industry, we put our money on the contingent labor trend back in 2000. Since then, we’ve expanded our reach into sectors beyond Fashion, as well as into full-time recruiting services. But we’ve watched freelance reliance grow steadily in every industry we support –Advertising, Design, Digital, Beauty, Retail, and more.

More than just young professionals

Companies are not the only ones who have embraced the idea of independent work. The view of freelancing as a legitimate career option is also on the rise among workers. Last year, in our annual research of the job market, a majority of those surveyed said that they expected to be self-employed at some point in the future.  And it’s not just a young, creative person’s game. Freelancers come in a variety of talent flavors and experience levels. In fact, executive level freelancing is a fast growing segment of the contingent labor force.

The perfect solution?

Today’s freelance workforce is highly skilled and in high demand, providing an excellent solution for employers having trouble filling roles in this employee-favoring job market. For today’s lean organizations, freelancers are a great way to deliver against initiatives when faced with the expectation to do more with less headcount. And ubiquitous technology has made it easier than ever to activate and manage freelancers as part of a blended team of independent and full-time contributors.

Why freelancers should be part of your talent mix

In a recent position paper, we have outlined how and why companies can make a flexible, on-demand workforce the cornerstone of a scalable talent strategy that addresses the cyclical nature of business and the present competitive hiring market. For more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to Hiring Freelancers.