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The One Question That Needs To Be Asked When Hiring A Data Scientist

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Data science roles can include artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, recommendations, and speech recognition – and it isn’t limited to just those. Data science is used in all industries, but the most important question to ask when interviewing this type of talent depends on the business’ needs for this position.Our hiring experts at 24 Seven work with a lot of data science candidates and note that it’s important to find out what type of data scientist the candidate is and make sure their skills align with the needs of the business and the specific level of the open role.

What to look for

According to our recruiters you’ll want “to be able to figure out if the candidate is a true analyst that queries raw data and hands it off to someone, or if they are someone that pulls the data, but also puts it into a digestible form with recommendations for business stakeholders to be able to make decisions with. It is also important to ask about proficiencies with key tools (Excel, SPSS, Tableau etc.) and programming abilities (R, SQL, Python).”

What to ask

So, what is the one question you need to ask to properly assess a data science candidate? If you were to be assigned a project, what would the project be, how would you analyze it, what key tools and programs would you use, and how would it influence the business? Our expert recruiters say that this question helps to “understand the candidate’s thought process in addition to their skills so [the recruiter] can communicate intangibles to the clients.”

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