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Career Paths for Digital Marketing Grads

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Digital marketing skills are quickly becoming the expertise to master in the fast-moving digital age. If you’re a digital marketing grad, one thing is certain: if you’re able to keep up with evolving trends, you’ll position yourself at a competitive edge and get the job you want every time. Consider this: by the year 2020, the availability of at least 150,000 digital jobs are expected, along with a huge gap in digital talent to accommodate them. According to eMarketer, $9.3 billion dollars exchanged hands in internet advertising through all channels. By year’s end, demand for digital marketing professionals will rise by 38%. Here’s a look at some of the best digital marketing career paths for recent grads:

Content-driven digital marketing careers

Content will continue to dominate the digital marketing industry. The major difference between the content marketing of the past few years and the future of content marketing will be its delivery. Interactive content marketing is the newest and most relevant trend, often delivered through social media in the form of polls, live video, surveys, trivia, and more. Some of the top content-driven marketing careers to take note of are copywriters, content managers, editorial managers, content creators, content specialists, and content strategists. These positions are frequently advertised in 24 Seven Talent’s job postings.

Social media-driven digital marketing

Social media becomes more essential each day in the digital marketing climate. Interactive content and the newest trend, expiring social media, are increasingly important to understand. The intent of these marketing strategies is to propel consumers to act quickly. Social media managers, coordinators, strategists, and specialists are digital marketing careers on the rise, as evidenced by a constant influx of postings on 24 Seven’s listings.

Other digital roles

Digital designers and developers, marketing specialists such as coordinators and managers, and media specialists all continue to have important roles in the digital landscape. The uppermost objective of these marketing professionals is to increase consumer conversions. Hundreds of listings within these sectors appear on 24 Seven’s website.

The Highest Paying Digital Marketing Careers

While it’s safe to say that most any digital marketing grad has a bright future, some careers command a higher salary: Currently, the highest-paying digital marketing jobs are Data and Web Analytics, SEO/SEM and UX (User Experience) positions. Land a career in one of these areas and you can likely expect a six-figure salary. Every digital business wants their website to rank among the best. The desire to increase website traffic and reach more consumers is a priority for digital commerce enterprises. Consequently, employing SEO/SEM specialists to help reach this objective has become a prime concern for digital business organizations. Analytics is a huge market because it negates the need for trial and error in deciphering which marketing strategies are successful. Big business is willing to pay for good data and web analytics as the insight it delivers is fundamentally useful. It helps to improve customer personas and aids in developing more targeted marketing campaigns to retain consumers. Finally, UX or user experience is the science behind understanding consumer behaviors. The previously mentioned roles are most functional through an understanding of why consumers navigate away from web pages or abandon shopping carts. Demand for talent within UX careers is huge as evidenced by the abundance of 24|Seven’s job listings. If you’re a recent graduate looking to enter the Digital Marketing field, we’d like to talk to you. Sign up on our website and let us connect you with leading companies seeking your expertise.

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