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Like Seeking Purple Squirrels and Unicorns: The Most In Demand Talent Right Now

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Our latest Job Market Report supports what the media continues to describe: the economy is roaring along at full employment and the job seeker is in the driver’s seat. Employees who took our survey are feeling pretty optimistic about market conditions and their employment outlook.  In short, the job market story is one of growing demand and shrinking supply.

Everybody Wants Them

Hiring Managers participating in our study said they are particularly being challenged to find talent in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Creative and Content Management.  When we asked our recruiters if our study findings were in line with what they were seeing in the day-to-day war for talent, they agreed. Meredith Steinmeyer, Director of Recruiting – NY, commented, “These are for sure hot areas – our world is increasingly connected and companies are looking to reach audiences across the web and mobile with engaging content.”

Make Them Want You

Her advice to companies looking to lure hard to reach and passive job seekers is to accept how competitive the market is. “Salary is always going to be the biggest draw followed by demonstrable opportunities to advance and grow,” she explained, “Companies need to have a well articulated employment proposition. This is a key reason that working with a recruiter is an advantage for employers in tight talent market. We can help identify the unique features that make a company attractive and really promote the opportunity to increasingly discerning candidates.”

It's All About Timing

In today’s environment, it is fairly common for job seekers to be entertaining several offers at the same time. That’s why it’s imperative for an employer to put their best offer forward as they may not get another chance to win over the candidate. In closing, Meredith suggested, “I cannot stress enough that time is of the essence. If you meet a high demand professional that you like, act fast because they won’t be on the market for long.”