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Must Ask Questions For Any Interview

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If you’re a seasoned interviewer, you probably have your favorite, must-ask questions no matter the position. These questions have proven to get you the answers you need to see if the candidate will be a good fit for the open role, company, and team. At 24 Seven, we’re always looking for ways to improve the hiring process. So, we asked our expert recruiters what their must ask questions are based on the job they’re recruiting for. If you’re in the hiring process, try out these questions in your next interview!

Digital Marketers, Campaign Managers, CRM Managers or Email Marketers

Interviewing Digital Marketers, Campaign Managers, CRM Managers or Email Marketers? Dive in deep with these questions:


When interviewing Designers, find out their strengths and weaknesses on an individual and team level with these questions:

Data focused

If you’re focused on including Big Data in your upcoming campaigns, and are looking for a candidate to set you up for success, we suggest asking:

Put these questions to the test with our top talent today!