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How Web Developers Work and Why You Should Care

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If you’re in search of a new Web Developer, you’re not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that industry demand is anticipated to increase 27% by 2024. Whether your company is going through a rebrand or you just need help coding, selecting the perfect Web Designer for your brand is extremely important as they dictate the face of your online presence. If you’ve previously hired Web Developers or Designers, you are aware of their differences, but today we’re breaking down the importance of Web Developers and why finding the right one is vital to your organization.

What they do

Overall, Web Developers are responsible for building the back ends of websites to ensure the technical side is functional, efficient, and is visually on brand. They may also perform maintenance, revise, and update websites as needed. Web Developers often work from home and independently, but are able to come in for specific projects or on an as needed basis, which is why they are often hired freelance. The is around $32 an hour, and ranges based on project type and experience level.

How they work

Web Developers create the coding necessary to structure your site’s information to better appeal to smarter local search and  they may also be responsible for e-Commerce application designs and coding, responsive mobile-first design and development, and front end development. Though the specific requirements vary from project to project, the common applications Web Developers work in are CSS, PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Why you should care

The Web Developer you hire can greatly influence your online presence, and make or break how your audience interacts with your company site – a large undertaking alone. Knowing how a Web Developer works will help you build a more successful working relationship with them. If the web developer is freelance you’ll want to be clear on what programs they’re using so you can continue to make updates once they’re gone. These are three of the most common applications Web Developers work in so that you can get a better grasp on what you need in your next hire.


WordPress maintains its reign as the top CMS source for web development and content management. In fact, 24% of operating websites utilize WordPress to help drive content to consumers. The platform’s stats are impressive – Entrepreneur points out that WordPress commands a respectable 58.4% of the market share.


Drupal is highly scalable and probably the fastest of the three platforms, both of which are pervasive in today’s digital landscape. Multiple extensions allow you to manage content and commerce in one place. The platform runs many of the world’s busiest websites, including NBC. The website scores huge points in terms of security.


Some of the most distinguished communities rely on Drupal to keep their websites running, including Harvard and Ikea, yet Joomla is preferred by many web developers because of its flexible, yet user-friendly design.At 24 Seven Talent, we have access to some of the best Web Developers to fill your needs. See how we can help you take advantage of your online presence and contact the experts at 24 Seven Talent today!