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The Hiring Market’s Not Cooling & These Jobs Are Particularly Hot

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Economic markets may be wary of a slowing economy, but businesses continue to add jobs.  Some of the hottest roles are in Marketing. Chances are if you run a Marketing team, you are searching for this talent too:

Growth Marketing Manager:

Not just focused on the top of the marketing funnel, this professional brings to bear the best of traditional marketing with the latest digital marketing strategies, powered by data & insights, to attract, engage, retain and convert prospects to customers. Powered by marketing metrics and consumer insights, these specialized marketers implement and evolve strategies that improve the brand experience across the entire consumer journey, driving vigorous and continual growth.

Product Designer:

There’s a growing need for design thinkers who can progress and apply user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) expertise to the creation of both digital and physical products. This evolved Product Designer represents both the needs of the user but also the business, from a product management, pricing, and overall corporate strategy perspective.

Paid Search:

Companies are looking for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategists with specific understanding of the best pay-per-click tactics to grow sales by converting ad clickers into buyers quickly. And of course SEO specialists that can partner with paid search experts continue to be in-demand for companies looking to round out their team.

Video Editor:

Over the next five years, video will become the number one content format. Ask any marketer, and they have tons of video footage, but cutting into engaging and shareable format is where the ball is dropped most often. Freelance and full-time editors are in high demand.

So if everybody wants them, how do you set yourself apart as an employer?

Flexibility, agility, and generosity are traits for employers to adopt in this candidate-driven hiring market. Talent shortages prevail, so hiring managers need to be open to identifying and recruiting talent for adjacent industries. Companies competing for hot talent need to act swiftly and assuredly to win over in-demand candidates. Now is not the time to lengthen the recruiting process – be buttoned up and lead with your best offer. Chances are your Number One candidate is someone else’s as well. Companies also need to ensure they are offering the best candidate experience. Too many hoops to jump through and process redundancies may turn off job seekers or give competitors the opportunity to out-hire you before you’ve even had a chance to make an offer.

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