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What To Do If You’re Interviewing With A Company That Has Negative Reviews On Glassdoor

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We’ve all been there. We land an interview with a company that seems incredible. In preparation for our interview, we begin researching the company, only to find a handful of negative reviews on employer review sites such as Glassdoor. Whether this immediately changes your impression of the company or makes you second guess your interview, we’re going to walk you through what you should do when it comes to companies with negative reviews online.

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Do your research

When reading negative reviews on Glassdoor, take note of similarities. For example, do the complaints all stem from one department? Are they all posted around a similar time frame, signaling the company may have been going through some changes at that time? Do the reviews have responses from management acknowledging how they are going to make improvements? These questions will give you a better scope of the situation and allow you to dive deeper into the issues mentioned. When doing your research, don’t just stick to one platform like Glassdoor. Check multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get an idea of the company culture and employee engagement. While on these platforms, check for mutual connections that currently work or previously worked for the company so you can get the inside scoop!

Turn your doubts into questions

During your interview, pull out the notes you took while researching so you can get clarity on the state of affairs at the company. Turn the negative Glassdoor reviews into an opportunity to ask probing questions during the interview. Knowing the possible reasons behind the negative reviews will allow you to make a more informed decision about the company. In the end, if you do not get the answers you need to further the interview process, you have at least gained experience to bring you one step closer to your dream job.

Grain of salt

As crucial as researching a company before your initial interview is, it is also essential to take a step back when reading reviews on Glassdoor. You are an outsider looking in, and those reviewing and engaging on online platforms are already working for the company. You don’t know the whole backstory that prompted the review nor the full context of what it’s like to work at the company. Do keep in mind that people are usually more likely to report a negative experience than a positive one, so be sure to read those reviews with a grain of salt. Do you feel ready for your interview now that you can make the best of both positive and negative online reviews?

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