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Don’t Let Work Stress Get You Down. The One Stop Checklist For Self-Care

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With love in the air, candy and flowers everywhere you look, and cards grabbing your attention from every aisle in stores, it is safe to say Valentine’s Day is here. Though it has become well known for giving out candy and cards to loved ones, we want you to do something extra special this Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re asking you to be your own Valentine. While it is important to show your love to those around you, we often forget to show love to ourselves, which is why we are taking this Valentine’s Day to focus on self-care. The below checklist will give you the opportunity to listen to what your body needs, fill yourself up with love, and feel empowered to take on the rest of the month as your best self.

Check yourself

Simple things like taking a bath, giving yourself 15 extra minutes to get ready, or making sure you are drinking enough water can be overlooked, but when written down and acknowledged add up to a full self-care routine. We invite you to take this self-care checklist and ask yourself these questions the next time you need some TLC:

Did you get enough sleep?

We know it’s not always possible to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night. We also know that everyone has different sleep habits and patterns. Just remember the effect sleep has on our body, mind, and overall wellbeing. So the next time you are working tirelessly on your current project or picked up the extra shift, be sure to get some extra ZZZs.

Did you move today?

This can be any sort of movement; your morning spin class, an evening yoga flow, or just a long walk on your lunch break. Getting at least 15-30 minutes of daily movement and activity can relieve stress instantly. Movement can also increase productivity and creativity, to help you achieve your work goals more efficiently and before deadlines!

Did you eat?

Since it is Valentine’s Day, we know that candy and chocolate are within an arms distance, but just like around the holidays, we need to be sure we are indulging and treating ourselves to sweets while also giving our bodies the nutrients we need to be our best selves. It may not sound as great as heart-shaped pizza, but a simple salad could make you feel instantly better and give you the extra boost to work through what would have been an afternoon slump.

Did you get a ring? (No, not a diamond.)

While you are fueling up on personal self-care, give some of that love and attention to a friend. Pick up the phone and call or text one of your loved ones and ask them how their day is going. Not only will you get to catch up with a friend, but you will make their day! Take the time on your lunch break to give them a ring, and come back to the office feeling happy, refreshed, and ready to tackle the work at hand.

Does it spark joy?

With her new Netflix show and popular books, Marie Kondo seems to be popping up in our daily lives, making us question “does it spark joy?” Take a minute and truly ask yourself if the things you surround yourself with spark joy. Removing some things that you see or do every day could relieve unwanted tension where you didn’t even think to look. A clean desk will help increase productivity, reduce unnecessary stress, and allow for mental clarity and peace of mind while tackling the work day ahead of you. If these 5 simple questions weren’t enough and you need something above the day to day, remember that it’s okay to say no to your other plans, and stay in, pamper yourself, take yourself on a date, or do whatever makes you smile, because you deserve it. Working hard is important, but it is even more important to be healthy, both mentally and physically, to be able to enjoy the rewards hard work brings.