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Enhance Your CV in 3 Steps

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Having the perfect CV is a crucial step in your job search. Whether you are currently on the market, are interested in seeing other opportunities out there, or want to update your current CV, we’re here to help make your CV the best it can be with these three simple steps.

The basics

If you’ve heard these pointers before, take these as another reminder, but if you’re hearing it for the first time, be sure that you are taking these tips into consideration while writing your CV.

  • Keep it to one page, two pages max. You don’t need to include all your experience if it is not relevant

  • Don’t adjust text or shrink margins, it will be noticeable and if your experience is that detailed, you may want to stick to two pages, rather than cutting out important details and skills

  • Use bullets, like how we did here!

  • In your job descriptions, modify full sentence descriptions of your role and create strong action verb led points that are used in the job description

What to remove

Under the UK Equality Act 2010, employers are unable to discriminate against candidates because of age, race, sex, etc. Because of this, you do not need to add the year you graduated university, your marital status, or if you have children. You will also want to remove anything generic from your CV. If you are up against several other applicants, you are going to want all of your experiences and skills to be personal to you to stand out from the crowd. The last bit to remove is negativity. You always want to portray past experiences in a positive light, even if it wasn’t your favourite job, that experience brought you to where you are today and will give you the opportunities to continue your success on your career path.

Check it twice… at least

As helpful as spelling tools are, they don’t always pick up on all mistakes. Checking it at least once or twice is ideal, but checking it three times will have you feeling extra confident in submitting your CV. Incorrect spelling, poor grammar, and awkward formatting will ensure that your recruiter barely glances at your CV if at all. Remember, our attention spans keep getting shorter, so if you want your resume to have the optimal effect, everything should be properly formatted and spelled.

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