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What to Know When Hiring Freelancers

Tips for Hiring Freelancers

Hiring Marketing freelancers or Creative freelancers is the ideal solution to fill a skill gap on your team or expand your bandwidth without increasing full-time headcount. Even when one understands the benefits of this choice, the idea of having to hire freelancers may seem daunting. The freelance recruitment pros at 24 Seven are sharing the things you need to keep in mind to alleviate the pressure and ensure your new freelance hires are successful. Here is some sound advice direct from a 24 Seven Creative recruiter and Marketing recruiter:

Take the Long View on Costs

When hiring freelancers, it may be tempting to pursue the candidate with the lowest rate– but will their low rate save you money in the long run? Paying bottom dollar may result in low-quality, unsatisfactory work, meaning you will either need to pay for revisions or hire another, more expensive freelancer to re-do the project. While cost always matters, remember that in business the cheap can become expensive.

Dream Big, Start Small

While the price and work quality maybe right, don’t forget to consider cultural fit, even when it comes to hiring freelancers. If you’re hiring a particular freelancer for the first time, we always recommend starting with a small, introductory engagement first. This gives you both a chance to get to know the other’s working style and ensure a good match in every way before moving into a larger engagement. An experienced freelance recruiter will advise you that this is particularly effective when hiring freelancers.

Review Your Technology & Project Process

Will this new freelancer need additional equipment to complete the project at hand? And if they’ll be working remotely do you have a communication strategy in place to stay in touch easily? Before you start hiring freelancers, make sure you have all the tools and procedures in place to set a collaborative tone from the start.

Hire Freelancers Faster & Smarter

If you’re serious about finding a great freelancer without wasting time and getting frustrated because of the inevitable trial and error, consider working with a freelance recruiter. You’ll have access to a higher-quality, pre-screened talent pool, and the freelance recruitment agency will help you find candidates that perfectly match your project, management style, and company culture. They’ll also handle the freelance hire’s onboarding and payroll, saving you time throughout the process and costs in the long run. With a process like this in place, a freelance recruiter can get your Marketing and Creative freelancers on-boarded in no time!

Connect with Freelancers of Every Stripe

If you’re ready to take the express route to hiring the perfect freelancer for your team, 24 Seven is here to help. When you work with us, you have access to our global network of the best creative and marketing freelancers on the market, in functional areas from copywriting to back-end development and everything in between, across creative-driven industries.

Be sure to check out our guide to hiring freelancers and click here to connect with one of our expert freelance recruiters now.