What To Consider Before Making The Jump To Freelance

How to be a freelancer

Both full-time and freelance roles have their pros and cons, but do you know which is best for you? Our freelance recruiters are sharing their best practices for how to be a freelancer so you're setup for success should you choose to take on freelance work.

Is Freelancing right for you?

The first thing to know about freelancing is that it is not for everyone, and while you may be jealous of your friend who is a freelancer marketer and can take as many vacations as they desire because PTO is not an issue, or who makes significantly more money an hour, the grass is not always greener. Before making the switch to freelance work, it is important to fully understand the steps needed to succeed as a freelancer. These steps include setting up a website, developing a client base, lining up projects, and making sure your finances are in order. Developing an organization strategy, investing in tools and developing your schedule are also key to being a freelancer.

What’s your “why” for becoming a freelancer?

In addition to being able to choose your own clients, work from home, and charge more, there should be an underlying reason as to why you are choosing to take on freelance jobs. Are you an expert in your field and know that you’re doing yourself a disservice by working for just one brand? Are you building out your portfolio? Are you curious about what it’s like to work with several industries before you settle on one full-time? There may be multiple reasons and your reason might even change month-to-month, but thinking freelancing will be a solution to your current work griefs is not reason enough to jump ship.

Have a freelance backup plan

Don’t quit just yet. One of the biggest mistakes from going from full-time work to freelance work is the belief that business will just show up. Getting both business and clients in the start can be hard work and a difficult task, but if you already have your website, a business bank account, and a list of potential clients lined up, the transition will be much easier. If your client list seems a bit low, be sure you have enough money saved up to cover bills, as the last thing you want on top of the existing stress of finding freelance work is money stress.

Know your worth when you make the switch to freelance work

Remember when we asked if you were jealous of your friend who makes more money an hour working as a freelancer? When you take on freelance jobs, you set your rate from the beginning. Not sure what to charge an hour? This is where research comes in. You'll want to figure out what your annual salary breaks down to as an hourly rate, considering things like health insurance, applications, websites, and any technology needed to perform your job which you may be responsible for as a freelancer. Working with a freelance recruitment agency is another great way to get help setting your rate, as a freelance recruiter can advise you on what to charge based on the current job market.

Expand your horizons with part-time freelance work

As a freelancer you can grow your experience by expanding to other geographies and industries. As a freelancer, you are able to pick and choose the clients you want to work with and can grow your freelance skillset by taking on new projects with different organizations.

Are you ready to be a freelancer? Browse both our open freelance and full-time positions and apply today. Need a bit more information? Check out our Upskill Workshop on how to be a freelancer for more freelance tips and insights.