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5 Ways to Gain Visibility As a Remote Worker

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Gaining Visibility as a Remote Employee

While remote work has its perks, there can also be unforeseen problems that arise. If you’re not seeing your boss every day, how will they know what you’re working on or how your assignments are going? When working from home as a freelancer or full-time employee, miscommunications can happen more frequently, there’s less transparency around how your time is spent and sometimes it’s easy to get a bit lost. To avoid potential issues, here are 5 ways to gain visibility as a remote worker.

Show up – visually

Whether you use Zoom, Lifesize or Microsoft Teams, video conferences will become part of your normal routine as a remote worker. Showing up visually in conference calls will help you maintain a relationship with your team and feel more connected. It also fosters collaboration, as it allows different members of the team to come together to review problems and strategies. Treat video conferences like in-person meetings, and prepare for them ahead of time, including testing your equipment before the meeting starts. If video is not available, be sure that on conference calls you are actively participating and making an effort to be heard and voice your ideas.

Sharing is caring

When working remotely, it’s important to set up a communication plan with your manager, including which method of contact is preferred (email, text or a messenger platform etc.) and how often you should be sending updates. When in doubt we recommend frequent communication. After the third email to your boss in one day, you might think you are coming on too strong, but unless your boss tells you to reduce the volume, over-communicating is your best bet. When you’re working remotely, there’s less transparency with your manager on how you’re spending your time. In order to build trust right off the bat and continue to prove your work ethic, communicating consistently is key. Letting your manager know what you’re working on will also keep you visible and top of mind.

Start new projects

If you feel like you’ve got extra free time, it’s time to start working on that project you’ve been putting off. Managers love to see initiative and extra effort from recruited talent. Starting on a new project will help you gain additional visibility and credibility with your manager, and give them a sense of pride for having you as a part of their team. Working on extra tasks in addition to your normal day-to-day will help you stay productive as a remote freelancer or employee and build your time management skills. If nothing comes to mind, you can reach out to someone on your team and see if they can use help on anything. Of course, only take on new projects if you can prioritize the work you’ve already been assigned.

Be your own project manager

Does your company use Teams, Slack, or another project management system? Utilizing these platforms will not only help you stay organized but will allow for full transparency on your projects to your team. When hiring freelancers or employees, companies often look for candidates who go the extra mile - so show off your productivity, and increase team collaboration by posting your current projects, and even add one off tasks that you want to do in your spare time but haven’t gotten around to. You never know when a colleague can help out, some free time will allow you to work on extra projects, while also showcasing your hard work.

Be available

As we’ve mentioned, time management is one of the most important soft skills for remote workers, and is something that companies value highly when hiring freelancers or employees. Being able to prioritize work, while also being able to work on additional projects is great. But if you can prioritize work, take on extra projects, and maintain a level of availability, you’ll be truly successful working from home. Make yourself available for one-off meetings with your boss, catch ups with your team, and additional opportunities to connect with colleagues. Collaboration with your manager and team will help you build upon your skills and make you a more visible part of the organization. Plus, it might open the door to other opportunities within your team or company.

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These tips will help you gain visibility as a remote worker by creating a communication standard between you and your boss, but also with your teammates and the entire company. As a top creative staffing agency, 24 Seven cares about the success of our clients - both the freelancers and companies we work with. Get our full work from home guide here for additional tips.  If you’re currently looking for a digital marketing position, or another creative staffing opportunity, we’d love for you to browse our current job listings, and feel free to contact us with any questions.