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For Overburdened Hiring Managers, A Recruitment Agency Can Ease Hiring Stress

Recruitment Agency

Work responsibility plate overflowing. Multiple hat wearing every day. Managers are overtasked and short on time. Hiring talent – whether full time or freelance – can ease the burden of overtasked teams, but finding the focus, time, and energy to source, recruit, and vet qualified candidates just adds to the pressure. Stressed out hiring managers might consider working with a recruiter to help shoulder the burden of filling team talent gaps. 

Resume Tsunami

It’s a familiar pattern. A company advertises an opening and the contact person is deluged with resumes. Job board postings result in countless applications – a fraction of which are from qualified candidates. Adding to the heap of CVs are the unsolicited inquiries for work. Overwhelmed hiring managers are giving up the effort to sift through the submissions and rely on a recruiter for a more efficient approach to talent sourcing, whether they are looking to hire freelancers or full-time help. Companies shouldn’t miss out on a potential talent opportunity because they don’t have the resources to go through applications.

Recruiters Offer Laser-focused Talent Identification

Specialized talent recruitment agencies like 24 Seven offer an ideal solution to find perfect full-time candidates or to hire freelancers among thousands of possibilities. With a carefully curated professional network, the chances are high that recruiters have a connection to the exact professional for a critical talent gap. While there may seem to be an abundance of job seekers out there, competitive skirmishes over the best candidates still occur. This is especially true when it comes to the most coveted digital marketing professionals. A recruiter can help keep popular candidates engaged while encouraging clients to keep the recruiting process moving, beating the competition to the hire.

Technology-based Recruiting Accelerates Placement

Whether looking to hire freelancers or full-time team members, recruiters were already experts at filtering, vetting, and expediting candidates, having been early adopters of enabling technology to improve the process. In addition to managing talent acquisition for a client, recruiters can help companies navigate which technology they might implement internally to better evaluate and secure candidates, from testing skillsets, meeting up, and on-boarding. 

Risk-averse Candidates Require More Employer Brand Advocacy

Highly-sought candidates are usually highly-appreciated at their current companies. Sometimes candidates are wary to move from a known situation to an unknown new workplace. A practiced recruiter is essential to selling the opportunity, the culture, and the company, serving as your employment brand influencer.

Fill the Gap with Freelance Hires

Many teams turn to freelance hires to tie them over until a fulltime hire can be made, or as a deliberate just-in-time talent strategy. A recruiter with deep freelancer connections can help you determine the best choice of these for your team, mapping out the talent needed and advising on budget and timeline. Freelance recruitment agencies, like 24 Seven, handle everything from identifying top freelance candidates to interviewing and onboarding talent.

As responsibilities and to do lists continue to expand, so will the pressure that hiring mangers feel. A recruiter can provide welcome relief by shouldering the stress when it's time to hire freelancers and full-time talent during the best of times, and perhaps more importantly, during uncertain ones. For more hiring insights, click here.