Freelance Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the most in demand skills for employers in today’s job market. We have seen a large surge in clients requesting specialist digital marketing talent to help their business with their online presence.

Now is the perfect time to consider going freelance and enjoy the benefits of setting your own work life balance and choosing what clients you want to work with. Our experienced marketing recruiters have helped to put this article together to guide you on how to become a successful freelance digital marketing specialist.



As a freelance digital marketer, you need to be skilled in various areas, you don’t need to be a specialist in every aspect of digital marketing but it helps if you have a good understanding of the fundamentals. Clients hire freelancers because they want someone that is skilled and can come in and hit the ground running, so it is important that they are confident you have the skills they need to help their business.

To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to demonstrate your skill set and your familiarity with various different marketing tools that you use when executing your digital marketing strategies. If you have worked in the same place for a long time you may have only used a few tools and could need to learn how to use different marketing software than that you are used to. Do some research to see what the popular digital marketing tools are to use, such as social media posting tools (such as Hootsuite, social sprout), website analytics (other than google analytics), email campaign and automation tools (such as Mailchmip, Saleforce) etc. If you are unfamiliar with them then take some time to learn how to use them as different clients will use different tools so its important to be comfortable in using them. There are a great selection of excellent online resources, such as Moz andHubSpotthat provide a wealth of information on the latest tools and how to use them so we recommend you check these out. 

The great thing about digital marketing is the amount of content that is constantly being produced to help get the most out of your digital campaigns, there are also lots of training courses both free and paid that can help you build on your skills, we recommend looking at the Google courses for Analytics and Adwords, and the Hubspot Content Marketing Certification is a great one to look at as well.


How you market yourself and your freelance services is the shop window for your future potential clients, its therefore key to show your skills and abilities in the best way possible, some things to consider when marketing yourself are:

·  Decide what areas of digital marketing you are strongest in and make these the specialist digital marketing services you offer.

·  Research and understand what tools you need to be able to do your job effectively. You may need to subscribe to some tools to do Keyword research or track traffic ranking for content marketing campaigns you are creating etc.

·  Develop and promote your personal brand, this could be via social media such as LinkedIn or being a guest speaker on webinar.

·  Showcase your work, make sure when people search for you online they can see what work you have done this could be a portfolio on your own website or social media profiles.

·  We recommend creating a digital marketing bog that can be on your website, discussing topics on latest trends in digital marketing. This gives you even more kudos when clients are looking to hire you and demonstrates you really know your stuff.

·  Understand how to price up individual projects, manage your time effectively not to let down multiple clients by not having enough hours in the day

HOW to find clients and win new business

Once you have decided to go freelance and have everything set up to get out there and start winning business and start making money, there are various ways to find freelance opportunities:

·  Use job boards and specialist freelancing job sites such as People per Hour, Upwork and Fiver, be aware that these sites do take a commission on each of your projects, so you need to factor this is when bidding for work.

·  Use your network! Past employers and/or your connections on LinkedIn are a great place to start. Family and friends that may be able to connect you to potential clients is also a great route.

·  Register with a specialist  freelance recruiting agency.


One of the time-consuming aspects of being a freelancer is having to actually find new work and projects to work on, finding work and managing clients can be a bit overwhelming. Signing up with a specialist digital marketing freelance agency can be a great decision, they can do all the hard work of finding clients for you while you are making clients happy with your great work, they can help in several ways:

·  Connect you with clients that may not have advertised positions and the job boards and freelance sites. Introduce to some amazing brands or exciting start ups that you have always wanted to work with.

·  Assist you with finding work to fit your schedule, may you want to work flat out and work non-stop, or you want to have a gap in between projects so you can go travelling. They can find you the work to suite your work life balance goals.

·  Provide great advice and let you know the most in demand skills that clients are looking for so you can learn and develop your skills to win more work.


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