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Is Generation Z About to Shake Up the Digital Marketing Workplace?

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Unlike previous generations, Generation Z grew up with digital devices and media that is crowd-sourced vs. controlled by an agenda. Born between 1996 and 2010, Gen Z is preparing to enter the workforce. The older generations need to prepare to embrace them and their agility to adapt to new technologies. Here’s how 24 Seven expects Generation Z to shake up the digital marketing workplace.

Who They Are

To understand what drives this unique generation, let’s examine their values, especially when it comes to work, education and how they determine success. According to a study from Barkley, Generation Z brings a fascinating set of attributes to the table. Some of the highlights include:

  • 69% believe that becoming successful has little to nothing to do with luck

  • 50%+ believe personal success is the most important thing in life

  • 80%+ think good grades are more important than hanging out with friends

  • Nearly 60% prefer to create their own fashion statement

Generation Z is extremely focused on hard work, education, and personal success. When you combine this with their complete immersion in the digital space, companies should quickly embrace the idea of stacking their digital marketer roster with Gen Z candidates.

What They Love

As the first digital generation, Gen Zers don't just use social media platforms, they consider them integral to their lives. A survey from Defy Media and Adweek, notes that 95% of Generation Z uses YouTube, 69% use Instagram, and 67% utilize Facebook. Perhaps more telling, 50% claim they could not live without YouTube.

How Will This Change Your Workplace?

All the studies seem to suggest that Gen Zers will want the workplace to refocus on personal and educational success. On one hand, this should be a benefit for digital marketing organizations. You will get a group of ambitious and goal-oriented workers with an entire lifetime of digital/online experience combined with a strong education.  However, we do foresee employee retention as an issue that will continue to plague organizations. Gen Z has a love of individualism and a commitment to personal improvement. And when this is combined with the growth of the freelance market (and its perceived flexibility and earnings upside) and stagnant wages of traditional full-time work, hanging onto these digital natives might prove to be problematic.

What You Can Do

In short order, you will absolutely need to master the art of recruiting Generation Z. At 24 Seven, we are pros when it comes to getting your job listings into the hands of the right people and arming you with the insightful resources to inform your talent strategy. The digital marketing workplace will soon accommodate a generation that appreciates cutting-edge technology, progressive social values, and a traditional reverence for personal responsibility and financial success.

To learn more about how we can prepare you with our unique job tools and years of expertise for Generation Z, please contact the team at 24 Seven Talent today.