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How to Attract Better Talent in 2018

Benefits Employee Happiness

Businesses often receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for a posted job opening. However, not all of those job seekers will be equally qualified or even the right fit for the position. To ensure applicants meet the qualifications, companies may need to step up their game to attract better talent in 2018 and beyond.

Promote Benefits to Attract Top Talent

Job hunters are often looking for more than just a good paycheck. Many of them focus on the benefits a company provides. Look at your benefits and see which ones can be improved upon. Promote those which are superior to the competition to win over the best applicants. Don’t forget about other perks of working for the company. While they may not be considered traditional benefits, these features can appeal to those looking for a job. Maybe your company has a full-service kitchen where employees can eat healthy meals instead of going out to lunch, or be willing to pay for a gym membership for staffers. If you’re unsure of what perks make your company stand out, ask your employees. Create a short survey which asks them what they like most about working for you. You can use these answers to learn how to attract talent for any job openings.

Look at Company Culture

If you want to know how to attract better talent in 2018, look at what makes your company special. It will go beyond the benefits and pay to the everyday atmosphere in the organization. Perhaps it’s the sense of fun everyone has about their job, or the laid-back environment. Many employees like to work in a company that is concerned about others and is active in the community. One thing which is unique to every business is its culture. Find out what makes your organization stand out. On the survey mentioned earlier you’re likely to find some answers you can use. Many of the reasons employees like working for your company will be tied into its culture. While they may say benefits like having good health insurance or extra vacation days, quite often it’s the little things that make people stay. Perhaps your company notices every staff member’s birthday in some way. Maybe they have internal awards for employees who have excelled in the past month or quarter. Promote those features to win over new talent.

Utilize Talent Agencies

One of the talent trends for 2018 is utilizing talent agencies to help you find the best fit for your company. An agency can assist you in recruiting top candidates who are best suited to work in your industry and with your company culture. The pool of interested applicants is often much larger through an agency. The more applications you receive, the better the chances of finding the right person for the job. The agency can also weed through the resumes so you can focus on those who are best qualified. These talent organizations understand what makes each company unique, and they pair skilled workers with reputable businesses to achieve the right partnerships. Many times, companies don’t know how to appeal to or find the best applicants. Talent agencies focus their resources on bringing the two together for a successful relationship that lasts into the future. This is one of the primary benefits to attract more talent in 2018 – to ensure the business continues to thrive and grow for years to come.