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Top Tips To Better Market Yourself As A Creative Candidate

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While looking for a job may feel like a daunting task, it doesn’t need to be. As a creative candidate, it is important to show off your talents and skills in more than just a word document, so we are giving you three ways to market your capabilities to help you land your next role.

Start with branding

When working for a brand, you know exactly who your audience is, what branding guidelines to abide by, and what creative content strategy works best for continued engagement. The same should go for your personal brand. Creating a personal brand will help you not only be able to target your future employers, but will also give them a sense of your creative capabilities. Building a brand based on your skills, credentials, passions, interests, and values will allow you to effectively market yourself and help elevate your application throughout the hiring process.

Put together your portfolio

If you’re a Designer, having an up to date, visually engaging portfolio, is a major selling point for a potential future employer. Be sure to strategically select samples that highlight a variety of work, your creativity, and your ability to adhere to brand guidelines when needed. The more diverse and expansive your portfolio, the more you will be able to show your future employers what you are capable of, but be mindful not fall into the trap of including every piece of work you have created. You want to be selective and let your stronger pieces shine.  If you have several years of experience, we recommend creating tailored portfolios to better showcase specific work examples to specific employers.

It’s all online

Creating a website allows you to display all your information in one accessible place so hiring managers can quickly get a sense of your background and experience. In a competitive market you may only have one shot to make a good impression, proving a visual representation of your up to date experience and skillset is a great way to stand out. If you are making a career pivot, a website can give you an additional platform to explain your work history without the limitations of a one-page resume. Plus, creating a website allows you to take control of your own narrative if a hiring manager were to do research prior to an interview.

Now that you have a better idea of how to market yourself as a creative candidate, you’re on the road for success. We highly recommend using this time to build upon your skillset and develop your personal brand. Check out our 24 Seven Academy for a full list of resources, webinars, and tips to stand out in the creative space.