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Today's Hottest Marketing Jobs and How To Land One

Land A Digital Marketing Job

Marketing as a field is constantly evolving and the demand for marketing jobs continues to rise. Digital marketing recruitment has seen an increase with employers seeking out a skill set that can meet the needs of today’s consumer. Whether it’s a Digital Marketing Specialist or a Media Coordinator, today’s marketing jobs require a skill set that shows mastery in technology, an ability to leverage social media, and a robust understanding of SEO. At 24 Seven, we’ve seen a rise in the need for freelance marketers to help teams meet deadlines and operate with reduced full-time head-counts.

 Three of the marketing jobs that consistently appeared across the desks of our marketing recruiters are:

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

2. Digital Account Executive

3. Social Media Manager

Foundational marketing knowledge plays a key role in these sought after marketing jobs, however, each postion also offers a great opportunity for those looking to expand their career in digital marketing. We’re breaking down these digital marketing jobs and the sought after skill set that employers are seeking when looking to make their next hire.

Digital Marketing Specialist

When companies hire for a Digital Marketing Specialist, they are looking for someone with a skill set that demonstrates a range of online marketing skills and knowledge. If you have developed your marketing career around designing, executing, and managing online marketing campaigns across multiple channels than a Digital Marketing Specialist role might be a good fit for you.

 In this digital marketing job, you can demonstrate the breadth of your diverse experience in online marketing and experience managing multifaceted marketing campaigns across multiple channels and platforms. This is also a great position for those looking to prepare for a marketing leadership role as they grow within their marketing career.

Digital Account Executive

Whether it’s a full-time or freelance marketing position, being a Digital Account Executive requires initiative, self-confidence, and good organizational skills. In this role, companies typically seek potential employees who have a Bachelor’s degree in sales or marketing along with relevant experience in previous marketing jobs, including experience identifying client marketing needs and managing digital marketing strategies. Digital Account Executives are essentially great salespeople with the ability to handle tasks such as dealing with prospective customers, managing client relationships, analyzing effective digital campaigns, and recommending digital projects to increase return on investment. 

To ensure you stand out as a great candidate for a Digital Account Executive marketing job, be sure to highlight your hard and soft skills as well as your problem solving and negotiating capabilities, and achievements you have accomplished throughout your career.

Social Media Manager

One of the most highly sought after digital marketing jobs, especially in freelance marketing, is the Social Media Manager position. A Social Media Manager oversees a company’s engagement with their audience on social media platforms. Whether it be planning digital campaigns, building a dedicated online community, analyzing engagement data, and identifying audience interaction trends, a Social Media Manager leads and directs a brand’s online presence.

As a Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for creating original content for a company’s social channels, developing a social calendar, managing posts, and engaging with the organizations followers. In this role, excellent communication skills are a must, as they help to navigate the social media world while ensuring the brand image is elevated to achieve the company’s marketing goals. Social Media Managers are passionate about social media and stay up to date on the latest digital technology and online trends to ensure high levels of web traffic and customer engagement for the company.

In all, Marketing is a dynamic field that is rapidly changing and evolving with the times. Despite disruptive events such as the pandemic, marketing jobs are on the rise with an increased need for digital marketing talent. With these helpful tips on what makes a great candidate for these 3 coveted digital marketing jobs, you can land plenty of opportunities that can help steer your career in the right direction. To explore all marketing jobs, click here!