The Calendar Says October But E-commerce Holiday Hiring Is Well Underway

The Calendar Says October But E-commerce Holiday Hiring Is Well Underway

The economy continues to boom, consumer confidence is high, and signs point to a merry holiday shopping season. Jack-o-lanterns have yet to be carved, but the most agile of retailers are hiring ahead of schedule to fill holiday openings. According to the National Retail Federation, workers will be needed for 650,000 roles (up 10% from last year) in the tightest labor market in almost five decades. Deloitte recently released holiday season retail projections, estimating sales to top $11.1 trillion – yes, trillion with a capital T. E-commerce is expected to see a 22% increase over last year, with online holiday sales projected to hit $134 billion alone.

The Hottest Ecomm Hires

E-commerce is labor intensive, especially during the holiday season. Companies need staff to work in online fulfillment centers, distribution hubs, and warehouses. Companies are preparing for the avalanche of holiday online orders and questions and are looking for all types of customer service talent to handle shopper phone calls, emails, and on-line chats. Companies are also seeking back up support in UX/UI, graphic design and copywriting to keep website experiences and promotional messaging optimized.

Scarcity Requires Sweetening the Deal

With unemployment at a multi-decade low, it’s not just full-time talent that needs extra wooing these days. Companies require shinier lures when fishing for their seasonal talent. Take a cue from Amazon – minimum wage isn’t going to cut it this year. Consider extending the perks once reserved for full-time workers to seasonal staff. And if that’s already something you’ve been doing, you might want to consider bumping up the number of goodies offered or enriching the ones you already do. Several retailers have announced deeper employee discounts and bonuses for all. Recent examples include Kohl’s and the several special discount shopping events it has arranged for workers, Target and its upping of hourly pay to $12, and Macy’s extension of quarterly bonuses to seasonal associates.

If you haven’t gotten the holiday staffing ball rolling, time’s a wasting. Don’t let your lack of preparation land you on the Naughty list. Contact 24 Seven today to activate your seasonal talent strategy.